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 Individual Topics For Nursing Research

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PostSubject: Individual Topics For Nursing Research   Sat Dec 12, 2009 7:02 pm

Individual Topics For Nursing Research

The following are the assigned titles for Nursing Research:

BARREIRO, NINA MAUREEN ARCONADO - The Effect of Stress in 3rd Year OLFU BSN Students' Academic Performance

AGUILAR, DEOGRACIAS MANILAO - The Effect of Being Married in the Academic Performance in NCM101 of 3rd Year BSN Students

TURALBA, DIANE CHRISTINE QUERUBIN - The Effect of Food Supplement Intake on the Perception of Health

ALCAZAR, MA. CZARINA ASINAS - The Effect of Recreational Activities To Stress Levels of 3rd Year OLFU BSN Students

SAN MARCOS, LOVELY SHELAH T - Health Practices of Mothers for Disease Prevention in Barangay ----

PETINEZ, MA. CRISTINA MILLENA - The Effect of Ceragem Thermal Massager Bed on the Health Perception of the Elderly Client

PABLO, ANDREW NICDAO - The Effect of Computer Games on Study Motivation of 3rd Year OLFU BSN Students

SANTOS, ERIC CATABONA - The Effect of Browsing Social Network Sites to the Social Life of 3rd Year OLFU BSN Students

FORMENTERA, MICAH BARILLO - Factors Affecting Cutting of Classes by 3rd Year OLFU BSN Students

NORIEL, SHEENA LANE - The Effect of School Environment to the Learning Experience of 3rd Year OLFU BSN Students

DILAO, RENZ REDOBANTE - The Effect of Compulsive Gambling of Parents to the Care of their Children in Barangay----

BALINGIT, GINO CARLO LAFORTEA - Factors Affecting the Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages of 3rd Year OLFU BSN Students

REYES, JOHN WESTLY ZAPANTA - The Effect of Frequent Internet Browsing to Study Habits of 3rd Year OLFU BSN Students

TUMBALI, NARVIN ELPEDANG - The Effect of Education to Early Preganancy in Barangay----

LADEƑO, SONNERY LIM - The Effect of Being Away from the Family to Study Habits of 3rd Year OLFU BSN Students

RUFIN, CLARINA MAGPAYO - The Effect of Owning a Computer To Study Habits of 3rd year OLFU BSN Students

DE JESUS, MARY JOY G - The Effect of Digital Devices to Convenience of 3rd Year OLFU BSN Students

CRUZ, AIVI DANILLE GONGORA - The Effect of Peer Pressure to Study Habits of 3rd Year OLFU BSN Students

PAGARAN, VAN KEVIN S - The Effect of Having a Significant Other to the Study Habits of 3rd Year OLFU BSN Students

Please note that you have until 5pm Thursday December 17, 2009 to submit Exercises 4-8 of your own INDIVIDUAL Topics. Submission of your INDIVIDUAL Chapters 1 & 2 are on our 1st meeting of 2010 which is January 9, 2010. This should be in both Hard and Soft Copy. Submit a USB Flash Drive as a class with your own Name as the File Name on said date.

Take note that the Individual Topics above are still TENTATIVE and MAY CHANGE as you do your Review of Related Literature. Additionally as most of these are Topics that YOU preferred to study, these may also be changed during the time you do your ORAL DEFENSE before your panel. At the end of the term, it is your Panel who will be giving you your grade.

The importance of promptness in submitting outputs must be emphasized hence submitting late entails a PENALTY in your grades.

For those who have NOT submitted any Nursing Research Exercises yet, do not have any topics, or any quiz and assignments, get in touch with your professor before the 17th of December at the Skills Lab.
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Individual Topics For Nursing Research
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