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 Evaluation Make-up Exam For NCM101 & 101A Skills Lab

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PostSubject: Evaluation Make-up Exam For NCM101 & 101A Skills Lab   Fri Dec 11, 2009 9:25 pm

Your EVALUATION MAKE-UP EXAM for NCM101 & 101A Skills Lab can be found here.


Read the questions carefully. You are given 40 minutes to finish the test and this may include one essay question. Click on the links above to take the test and enter your COMPLETE REAL NAME, YEAR & SECTION AND GROUP NUMBER for scoring purposes. DO NOT use a pseudonym, a nickname or an alias otherwise you will be given NO CREDIT.

We keep track your I.P. Addresses, Names and Scores as well as re-attempts to retake the test. Should you attempt to retake the test, all your scores will not be given any credit and you will get a grade of ZERO for this task.

DO NOT CLICK the SUBMIT MY ANSWER button at the bottom unless you have made your choice or are sure of your answer as YOU CAN NO LONGER GO BACK to the answers you missed. Also, before the timer ends at the pre-set time, be sure to click the SUBMIT MY ANSWER button, otherwise you may NOT GET ANY CREDIT when your test shuts down.This is to give you a simulation on how it is to take the NCLEX-RN exam.

You can start taking your exams on Saturday January 23 by 7:00PM at which time the password to access the test will be posted here. By 8:00PM the password will change and you may no longer access the test.

The PASSWORD to access the TEST is "*****" all lower case, no caps and without the " ". You may have to refresh this page to view the password.

You may have to REFRESH this page in order to see the password at the designated time.

Good luck and happy learning...

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Evaluation Make-up Exam For NCM101 & 101A Skills Lab
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