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 How To Do Your Health Education Video

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PostSubject: How To Do Your Health Education Video   Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:09 pm

How To Do Your Health Education Video

In order to enhance your health teaching skills in the community and as part of doing your intervention in your Community Diagnosis and Family NCPs, an additional task/requirement for your community rotation is the conceptualization and production of a health education video.

Once your group identifies the problem in the community that has the highest score based on your Maglaya book, your group will be required to make an educational video on the health problem you have identified that should be prioritized in the community.

Your group will have to conceptualize the health education video and you must maximize your creativity. The video can be in the form of a "commercial", "infomercial", or educational campaign. This task is up to you and you are only limited by your imagination, creativity, and artistry.

Your grade in this task will be based on originality, artistic value, innovativeness, resourcefulness, creativity, and instructional design. Hence the greater your output captures the attention of your audience, the higher your grade. Your video must also have a time limit of only 5 minutes at the most and can catch the interest of the viewer who you will presume to have no specialist knowledge on the topic or issue you want to discuss.

Ideally each group member must appear on your video and must play an active role. Create also a title and include some credits so that your group can easily be identified.

This video output must be in avi, wmv, or mpg format and submitted together with the soft copy of your Family NCP and Community Diagnosis on a CD-R.

On your last day of rotation, your group will present your video and we will do critiquing on your video and written outputs which you will all have to orally defend.

To give you an idea on the kind of artistic value or creativity we are looking for in your educational video, you may visit the links below that can serve as a guide or sample. However maintain your originality and try to innovate and think out of the box.

Diabetes Education Video:

TB Skin Test:

Dengue Commercial:

Dengue Fever:


Hand Washing:

H1N1 Prevention Tips:

As this forum can be seen by anybody in the world with a digital device, there is NO EXCUSE for not knowing what your tasks and assignments are and what is going on.
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How To Do Your Health Education Video
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