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 General Format Guidelines

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PostSubject: General Format Guidelines   Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:06 am

General Format Guidelines

The following are the general guidelines that apply throughout the research paper:


*1.5 spacing within the paragraphs including entries in tables throughout the paper
*Double-spaced between paragraphs
*Double-space between entries in the Reference section; Single-space within entries
*Spacing between subsections or subheadings within a chapter should at least be double-spaced, but may be triple- or quadruple-spaced for added clarity


*Use 11-size Arial font throughout the paper, including entries In tables Use Arial font for text and figures
*Bold all the labels
*Capital on all the Title Chapters


*Use a 1.25-inch margin for the left side; 1-inch for all other sides of the page


*Left justify throughout the paper


*Paragraph indentation should be 5-7 spaces or the normal tab default


*ALL page numbers are placed at the upper right hand corner of each page The first page of a new chapter is not numbered but is still counted

*Lower-case Roman numerals are used for the front material, but beginning only with the Acknowledgments (or page iv). The title and signature pages are counted but not numbered.


*Chapter titles should be boldface, uppercase, and centered on top of the page.

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General Format Guidelines
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